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jez is an american nomad. birth order: middle finger child. tumblr is her depository of useful observations.
If you throw a stone, it’s a crime. If a thousand stones are thrown, that’s political. If you set fire to a car it’s a crime; if a hundred cars are set on fire that’s political.

— Ulrike Meinhof (via kollwitzstrasse)


Nick Meek - Wild horse


Sucking in the Seventies


Tracey Emin - Exorcism of the last painting I ever made 1996


Prisms over Mexico.

photo tip: this effect is made by rotating cheap diffractive party glasses over the camera lens. Point a white light toward your lens and rotate the glasses at the same time to split the light spectrum and give it a rainbow-ring during long exposures.


Up in the Clouds

16 x 20, oil and acrylic on canvas



cerussite dioptase malachite platinum pyrite and quartz

(delta I)


Allison Schulnik


Keith Stanley


I’m Not Worried About You

I don’t have a burning desire to go out and document anything. It just happens when it happens. It’s not a conscious effort, nor is it a struggle. Wouldn’t do it if it was. The idea of the suffering artist has never appealed to me. Being here is suffering enough.


A rare specimen of Shattuckite as pseudomorps after crystals of Calcite, associated with Dioptase and Plancheite.
Tantara Mine,  DR Congo